Energy and Infrastructure

Tsiko Africa Energy & Infrastructure

In line with Tsiko Africa’s growth strategy, infrastructure development in the upstream and midstream areas of the oil and gas sector is anticipated to grow. In addition, South Africa’s coastal ports have run out of bulk fuel storage capacity which creates an opportunity for a black empowered business such as Tosaco Energy to develop a significant bulk fuel storage infrastructure network. Tosaco Energy currently manages the bulk liquid business. We have set up Tsiko Africa Energy and Infrastructure to house all our Energy projects

Tosaco Energy forms part of the Kilimanjaro Capital and Sakhumnotho (“KISACO”) group of companies focussed on the entire petroleum sector value chain. A secondary focus is the renewable energy sector associated with complimenting gas exploration and development.

Tosaco Energy is the parent company of Tosaco Energy Terminals which is a privately-owned energy company, established in 2016, to operate and participate in energy projects in Southern Africa and on the African continent.

The primary focus and expertise of Tosaco Energy Terminals is the development of bulk liquid fuels projects and related infrastructure. The Company is also currently involved in developing two potential liquid bulk fuel storage facilities in South Africa and two in Botswana with all of these adding significant strategic value for fuel security in South Africa and Botswana. The facilities are in the process of set up and all logistics required for transporting the bulk liquids to the terminal and the management of the terminals will be carried out by Tsiko Africa.

Tsiko Africa also has interests in Oil of Africa which has a focus on wholesale fuel distribution and in Tosaco Retail which is focussed on the development of retail fuel stations that are Total branded.