Tsiko Africa Logistics

Logistics forms a key component of the Tsiko Africa Group growth strategy and Tsiko Africa Logistics was set up to enable this.

Tsiko Africa Logistics growth strategy includes getting large South African corporate businesses to optimise their major supply chains.

Tsiko Africa Logistics has also set up a strategic partnership with Barberry Logistics, a specialist rail logistics company, in order to ensure a rail logistics capability for the Tosaco Energy projects and to offer such a capability to its customers.

Tsiko Africa is keen to expand its logistics service offering across the supply chain, through the acquisition of logistics businesses, so that it is able to provide end to end logistics solutions to its customers. This is core to the Tsiko Africa strategy to capture value in the logistics sector through the broader positioning of Tsiko Africa as a black industrial and services business and through leveraging interests in major corporates that have significant supply chains.